• Tristan Angelini

Why Australians Are Moving to Regional Areas

There’s a big change that has been taking place and it involves Australians choosing to move to regional areas. According to a report from the Regional Australia Institute, over 400,000 people living in capital cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth started to move out to more regional areas such as Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. What could be the reason for this big shift? Let’s talk a little bit about it.

One of the things that capital cities are known for is the opportunities these cities offer. Now, reports say that Australians are moving to the regional areas for alternate opportunities. The capital cities have been going through some challenges. These challenges have to do with improving infrastructure and services. There’s also the matter with access to housing, which many find to be difficult because of stricter requirements.

For a long time, a lot of people have assumed that there is a decline in terms of population, which also means some struggle to attract permanent residents, but actually, that is not the case. The truth is, experts, say that regional areas in Australia experience population growth. The biggest contributor to this growth is said to be migrants. And we all know that growth in population fuels investment, most especially in infrastructure because more population would also mean a need for more jobs and opportunities.

This was exactly what the Regional Australia Institute has been working on—more investment in its infrastructure to attract new residents. Australians have moved to regional areas because of the services that they would be able to have due to increased livelihood and development. More communities are being built that many from the capital cities feel that they could contribute in and be a part of the build a viable life for them.

According to recent figures, Australia has experienced a growth in population, specifically a growth of over 1.5 million. While many overseas-born people still believe that capital cities are the gateway for them to live in the country. After all, these cities are viewed but slowly they move to the regional areas and looks like it’s more popular among adults ages 30 years old to 39. A number of people ages 60 and above were also seen to have decided to move to the regional areas. There are also reports about fast-tracking visas for those who are willing to move to regional areas in Australia and who are also skilled workers. This is in part of their goal to make these areas even more appealing to more migrants. It’s also reported that the Department of Home Affairs will also try to attract more skilled workers by traveling to businesses in local businesses.

So why is moving to regional areas so appealing to a lot of migrants? Definitely because of housing affordability and job opportunities. More and more migrants feel that like there is more for them in these cities and it has affected the growth of these areas in an incredible way.

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