• Tristan Angelini

What is a Needs Assessment?

Starting a company or an organization isn’t as simple as it seems sometimes, even if some people make it look that way. There are so many things to consider – so many things to work on. But the main thing to really think about is what your organization really needs to thrive. It is one thing to have a company, but it is another thing to make sure that it’s working properly. For this reason, needs assessment.

First of all, what is Needs Assessment? By definition, a needs assessment is a process utilized to determine what a company or organization needs to work correctly. It is a formal evaluation that is critical to an organization’s success. There are two kinds of needs assessments: extensive and intensive.

What is the biggest difference between the two?

The intensive needs assessment examines just one or two cases to further understand the cause and effect, while extensive needs assessment researches normally examine a huge number of cases to understand a population or situation. One type of extensive needs assessment research is called the SWOT Analysis.

A needs assessment research is normally broken down into three parts:


Data Collection and Analysis

Final Production

Let us begin by explaining what is performed during the Initiation Stage.


The initiation stage is where limiting factors are identified. Anything that puts some constraints on a particular project, making it harder to grow is a limiting factor otherwise known as a frame factor. Not all limiting factors are easily seen. There are times when it only presents itself after meeting with the client. It is up to you to create that proposal that will work for both you and the client that should lead to a verbal and/or written contract.


Following the initiation stage is the data collection and analysis. This part is where a proper analysis is done, whether it is PEST (political, economic, social, and technological) or SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). The data that is collected from the analysis will help see the bigger picture to be able to see the areas of success as well as concern. Anything that could potentially be a drawback in the future will be analyzed.


The final product is the final phase of the needs assessment. This stage is where the summary of all the findings is presented and any strategies will be strengthened. After all this, a report with the necessary recommendations

What makes a needs assessment such an important thing to perform?

When you have a company that’s operating hours upon hours every day, chances are some things are will really fly under your radar. If you want to reach your desired goals for your business or organization, there is a need to assess what are the factors that are holding it back. The best thing for your business is to determine what’s working and what’s not. This way, you’ll be able to figure out how to improve what’s lacking on your part and make better decisions.

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