• Tristan Angelini

Project Management and Its Future

Over the last 3 decades, project management has experienced a lot of changes and development. It’s such an important industry nowadays because it aids in a variety of services along with the biggest leading brands anywhere in the world. Project management is basically planning and organizing in order to successfully accomplish a project. For instance, Ark Properties perform tasks such as needs assessment and design and development, which are some of the most important parts of project management.

As time passes, industries in all shapes and sizes also have to adapt to changes. Trends come and go, but what’s important for a business is to be flexible at all times because it’s going to make a huge difference in how you run your business. What are the trends that have been shaping the project management industry for the past few years? Here are some that will have certainly been helpful for many businesses.


Not everyone has a budget or funds to enroll in training courses, and although it is quite important, it’s not always plausible financially for many. Which is why support for peers will not only be necessary this year but definitely in the next several years as well. Experienced project managers have a lot to offer in terms of strategies and forming solutions for problems other project managers face and will face in the future.

Peer support groups and discussions within professionals in online communities will continue to become bigger in the next coming years. This trend is going to be beneficial for everyone as more information is shared.


The digital age has brought so many conveniences for all of us no matter how much some people think it’s given us more things to hate about the world. For entrepreneurs, going digital is a blessing. Digital project management, for instance, has become a culture on its own. Project managers have tapped into the modern means of providing services and made it into such a lucrative investment. The future looks bright for businesses taking on digital projects. Digital tools are going to be very in demand for this industry as they should be.


One of the biggest trends in the project management industry that we will be seeing in the next few years in the increasing number of women who are going to lead projects. There are plenty of changes in terms of the project management style, including communication and culture. However, it’s natural that there will be barriers along the way. Experts are looking into some possible barriers like the lack of support for female project managers from various organizations which may result in misunderstanding among peers.


The rise of the Agile Project Management or APM is expected to be experienced in the next several years. This iteration approach which uses a software to help plan and guide processes are broken down into sections which are reviewed by a team. Managing APM can be a challenge but it encourages collaboration that will bring about positive results.

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