• Tristan Angelini

Melbourne Still One of THE WORLD's Most Livable Cities

The 10 most livable cities in the world list was just released. Vienna topped the survey of 140 participants conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the second consecutive year. Melbourne came in the second spot again after topping the list for seven years, while Sydney came in third while Adelaide came in tenth.

The list of most livable cities was based on an assessment of the following:

- Stability

- Healthcare

- Culture

- Environment

- Education

- Infrastructure

According to the survey, Vienna garnered almost perfect scores in all factors mentioned above, especially because the capital city has been enjoying a very low crime rate for years now. Melbourne got a 98.4 rating with perfect scores in terms of healthcare, infrastructure, and education. It is called the cultural capital of Australia especially because of its prosperous arts scene.

Here is the complete list of most livable places:

- Vienna, Austria

- Melbourne, Australia

- Sydney, Australia

- Osaka, Japan

- Calgary, Canada

- Vancouver, Canada

- Toronto, Canada

- Tokyo, Japan

- Copenhagen, Denmark

- Adelaide, Australia

So what makes Melbourne such a livable city?

For the past 9 years, Melbourne has been hailed one of the best places to live and work. But why? What makes it so great? According to experts and locals, Victorians have a great overall quality of life. Settling in is pretty easy as well for immigrants wanting to work in the city. It is also well known the Victorians are healthy and have high life expectancy rates particularly because of high quality public and private hospitals. The city puts a premium on healthcare services for the community.

With parks and open spaces, great forms of transportation, and the best schools and the best university in the country, Melbourne is truly a great place to live in. So you can say that it would not be called one of the most livable cities for nothing.

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