• Tristan Angelini

Investment in the Face of Recession

When we talk about recession, people tend to have this fear because the word itself instigates that especially if you’re an investor or a consumer. Most people think that property investment is not a stable industry, but actually it is. There is demand for real estate. Always. And even in the face of recession, there are plenty of ways on how to endure it.

Here are some tips on how to build a recession-proof investment.


While it is true that there’s risk when investing in property, it can still generate steady income especially if you choose to go the rental route. When there is recession, a lot of people really don’t like the idea of home ownership so they most likely look into renting. Investors could also take advantage of the home prices decrease during this time, and because a lot of Australians normally buy property for them to live in rather than to invest in, it’s going to do good for investors.

The next thing you must do is to adjust the prices. During recession, interest rates will most likely go down, but being cautious is still important. You might also want to look at foreclosure properties as they tend to be priced and sold lower.


During a recession, targeting the right customers is very important. Having the right tenants for a particular project will definitely help a lot in times of recession. For instance, students will most likely look for a place to stay off-campus regardless of the market conditions, so it is wise to venture on this. Single rooms for students are normally a common strategy of investors. It’s actually a lot smarter than let’s say, renting out for a whole family. It’s very important to consider the budget of students so make sure to test out pricing strategies.


Another smart investment move is going the Airbnb investment route. Going on a vacation or holiday does not really stop even if there’s recession because Tourism is still such a strong industry. A great location is key in making this work. Because hotels are generally much more expensive, studies say that more people are choosing to book an Airbnb. It’s a cheaper alternative especially if you’re on a budget, much more if there’s a recession wherein tourists normally choose something more affordable. Besides, it’s the experience that makes it all worth it.

Finding an investment that could still generate profit in the face of recession is not impossible. One of the best ways to find the right one is to use predictive analytics which analyzes events from the past that could predict future outcomes, as well as trends. With the use of this, you would be able to secure your investments which could help you understand what happens when there is recession.

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