• Tristan Angelini

How to Invest and Prevent Your Expenses from Getting Out of Control

There are two reasons why people choose to buy a property. One is to be an owner-occupier or homeowner. Second is to become a property investor. There is no doubt that being able to invest in property is a good way to secure a better financial future. However, it's not going to be that simple. Investing on something would mean there's going to make a huge dent on your savings. However, it's not going to end there—property investment, in particular, will go on for years.

The expenses that await when you start investing in property would often scare potential investors away. But it shouldn't be like that all—there's a way to effectively do this without affecting your lifestyle too much. Surely, no one would want to live differently just because the expenses are out of control.

Here are some tips I'd like to share with you to at least still enjoy all the fruits of your labor while being a first-time investor.


Live within, not beyond—this is something you should remind yourself a lot. Living within your means would also mean choosing a property you'd like to invest in that would not require you to spend more than you are able to. Overspending is one of the worst things you can do especially if you want to be in better financial standing.

Assuming that you borrowed money from the bank to invest in property, the more you spend, the more it would be difficult for you to set aside what should be paid for. If you are able to pay as little as possible, you wouldn't have to worry about cutting off expenses.


Interest rates can give you a major headache once you invest in property. It's different if you own the property outright. The best way to lessen your stress about this is to negotiate on a low-interest rate for your property. In recent years, many have complained about the difficulty in getting better deals but now, looks like banks are coming around. Experts say that right now it's better to approach your bank for a low-interest rate. If your rates increased, try to look at refinancing.

There's also the interest-only loan and the principal-and-interest loan. Experts suggest that property investors should choose interest-only loans. Try to look for ways to get better home loan deals.


One of the best things you can do to avoid making a huge mistake especially when it comes to your finances is to choose the right property manager. Your property investment should be taken care of; let's say, you want to have the property rented out, it's a must that someone who knows the job well should look after the property. They are well equipped to answer questions about the fees and whatever that is needed to be managed correctly. However, don't choose someone because it's cheap. You might end up spending more in the long run if you find someone so inexperienced. Weigh your options and go for some with enough knowledge to help you out.

The other option is if you manage the property yourself. It's going to take a lot of work but it will also help you minimize all your expenses, plus, you get to look at everything by yourself.

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